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Coal Fired Power Plant

Rated evaporation capacity: 1.5 to 25mW 

CFBC technology, being a new type and matured high-efficient, low pollution and green technology, has a lot of merits, which can not be found in other combustion method 

CFB belongs to low temperature combustion; therefore, the exhaustion of nitrogen oxide is far more fewer than from coal powder furnace, only 200ppm approximately at the same time, it is feasible to actualize direct desulfurizing during combustion. The efficiency of desulfurization is high 

The initial investment for desulfurization 

Extensive fuel adaptability and high combustion efficient 

Suitable for low calorie inferior coal 

The exhausted cinder has better activeness, liable to actualize integrated utilization and free from pollution 

Wide range for load adjustment, low load may lower to 30% approximately of the rated load 

Currently, requirements for environment protection become stricter daily, and electricity load adjustment range for power plant becomes bigger, varieties of coal supply changeable, direct combustion of raw coal takes higher ratio, national economy develops unevenly in different level, the contradiction between environment protection and coal burning pops out daily more, CFB boiler has become a first choice for high efficiency and low pollution new combustion technology