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Circular Counterflow Cooling Tower

  • Circular counterflow cooling tower adopt”bottle” shape design, with smallest wind resistance. The whole tower’s structure is lithe and exquisite, easy assembly, firm and durable, and good effective.
  •  The tower body is made of glass fiber reinforced plastics, and it’s surface gel coat is made of imported raw material, whose colour includes ligh-containing stabilizing agent, with the functions of even sharp colour , ultraviolet radiation resistance and anti-ageing and anti –fading all year.
  •   The turnig parts adopt the cooling tower’s special-use motor and fan, with the functions of matched reasonably tower unit, steadily turnig, low-energy expense, strong wind volume, low noise, etc.
  •   The water-distributing device is consisted of nylon cloth water ware, cloth water tube of glass fiber reinforced plastics, and copper-casting inner core, making automatic turning water-distribution by water’s recoil fore. This water-distributing device needs low water pressure , small pressure loss and even water-offering.
  •   The filling material has passed the inspection by Xi’an Thermal work institute, with the functions of even water-re-distributing, good water-affinity, small wind resistance, high-temperature resistance, etc.
  •   The steel-made member adopts advanced zincincation,with outer-coating antisceptic paint, able to surely guarantee its using life.

·             The chassis of the cooling tower can be used for water-gathering chassis, too, and matched with the devices of automatic water-adding, artificial water-adding, overflowing, polluted water-draining, etc,able to use as close circular water pool without needs of special pool.