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1000KW Pelton turbine

1000KW Pelton Turbine (double nozzles)


Rated Head: 304 m
Rated Flow: 0.385 m³/s
Rated Speed: 900 rpm
Rated Voltage of Generator: 480 V
Voltage of Outgoing Line: 13.8 KV
Frequency: 60HZ
Excitation: Brushless
Rated Capacity: 1×1000KW

Pelton Turbine

Pelton turbine is suitable for water head 100 to 1000 meters at the small flow range. It could be vertical and horizontal arrangement, with the number of nozzle from one to six. Pelton turbine provide high efficiency for wide flow region. The turbine could start at 10% of rated flow. Pelton turbine with one or two nozzles usually adopt horizontal arrangement, multiple nozzles Pelton turbine adopt vertical arrangement. Pelton turbine units are wildly used in mountain area all over the world. It is well known by its simple structure, less investment, high efficiency, and reliable quality.

Turbine type


Generator type

Horizontal or Vertical

Water head






Excitation system

brushless or SCR



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