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Gate and Hoist

Gate and Hoist
Work Gate

A complete set of gate normally contains three parts: 
(1) gate leaf, the water holding part; 
(2) embedded and fastening part, to transfer the weight of the gate and water pressure to the civil foundation; 
(3) lifting mechanism.

According to difference applying situation, gates can be shaped into flat gate, radial gate, pipe gate, flap gate, and etc.
1.Flat Gate
Flat gate is one of the most common used types for different kinds of hydraulic related projects. The applying water head varies from 0.5 meter to 200+ meter.



Material (gate leaf)

iron, carbon steel, stainless steel


sliding type, fixed wheel type, integrated type


screw hoist, winch hoist, mobile hoist

Lifting Way

vertical lift, flat type

Water Sealing

P type, L type, I type, rubber, metal

2.Radial Gate

Radial gates perform excellent on the water outlet condition, which lessen the cavitation much.  
However, due to its special shape, the radial gate is relative space consuming. With the bearing stress of the center support being large, the difficulty and cost of the civil foundation of the center support will inevitably increase.
A set of radial gate normally contains: radial gate leaf, main girder, auxiliary girder, truss, support arms and support hinge.

3.Other Gates
Pipe jet, Circle outlet, Square outlet


Winch hoistscrew hoist and hydraulic hoist is the three most common type in use. According to the mobility, the hoist can be classified into mobile type and fixed type. The mobile hoist is common used for multiple gate project where even and step control is not in necessary need. Mobile hoist is especially common used for stoplogs.

                                              Winch Hoist
  reduce gear, motor, winding drum, steel wire
  sliding gate, fixed gate, radial gate, concrete gate
  Up to 5000kN

                                              Screw Hoist
  sliding gate, fixed wheel gate
  single stem, double stem

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