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Georgia Power Plant

In the western part of Georgia, there is an old Pelton power

plant built in 1950s, with rated capacity 12Mw, that includes 3 sets of

4000Kw pelton turbine unit. Rated water head is198meter, and

water flow is 2.1cums per unit. The runner adopted welding

structure. Even though it has been repair weld every two or

three years till 2008, it wears and tear severely and the inner

surface of the buckets are rough and uneven with many breach

on the edge. Of course it debases the output efficiency.

Our company supplied 2 sets of whole pace casted stainless

steel runner and forged shaft to replace the old ones in the first time. After

commissioning, we cheerfully see that the unit efficiency improved

more than 5%. Surly, people of the power plant are very happy also

and in 2009 they ordered other 2 sets of same runner and shaft again.

Our quality control is following CE requirement, and other related

international standards. We not only supply the whole unit but spare parts.

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