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Hydraulic Generator

FUCHUN has scores years of experience in designing, manufacturing and has many items with patent techniques. The synchronous generators and permanent magnet generators which are manufactured with advanced technology and excellent machining equipment, will be able to meet the requirement of different technical condition which matched with various type turbines. FUCHUN has manufactured the generators of 0.1 to 45MW in capacity which have been put into operation at present and owns the capability to manufacture the following generators: the capacity per unit up to 80MW,the stator outer diameter of generator up to 9,000mm,the speed of vertical type generator up to 750r/min,and the speed of horizontal type generator up to 1,500r/min,both the B-grade and F-grade insulation class, the terminal voltage can up to 13.8kV.FUCHUN manufactured 3×4,500kW water turbine generator sets, which is located in 2.868.5m height above sea level, and has successfully solved the difficult problems such as plateau corona-shielding. FUCHUN is equipped with the generator test station and insulation material laboratory which are advanced test facilities and testing means to make each item electrical performance of products meet designing requirements from purchasing to delivering.

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