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Product List
Hydro Power
Hydraulic Generator
Integral assembled
Micro Hydro Generator Unit
Gate and Hoist
Wind/Solar Energy
Auxiliary Equipment
Diesel Generator/Natural Gas/Boimass
Boiler Series
Thermal Power
Pump Series
Workshop Processing Capability
Complete facility
Company provides complete sets of Turbine-generator set
together with auxiliary facilities, such as Inlet Valve
Device (large/middle or small single spherical vale/butterfly vale
or sluice vale, valve diameter ranging from 200 to 3400 millimeters, operating
mode including Manual-electrical operated or hydraulic control);
Governor (large/middle or small single PLC control,
operating oil pressure from 2.5 to 16MPa); Excitation device
(Large/middle single SCR microcomputer excitation system or
small single microcomputer integrated panel), Automatic System,
etc. Substation equipments (transformer, HV protection and control system);
Central control room (remote control and monitoring system)
 Which are all formed a complete set by our company. Auxiliary
equipments are manufactured by dominated manufacturers.
Customers may choose auxiliary equipments manufactures, or refer
to our recommend.
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