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Indonesia Coal Fired Power Plant

To fulfill the requirement from PLN (Indonesia state electricity company),one coal based power plant with the capacity of 2*12MW is built in PAPUA ,Indonesia.Fuchun undertakes the EPC work of Mechanical and Electrical,and participates in the turnkey project.

Particularly,this power plant is on the boundary of east Indonesia,to the west of Papua Neugenia.Till now,this project survive from Tsunami,disease of malaria and so on.And now it is still moving forward smoothly.

The layout of the powerplant is as per drawing bellow.

This power plant use individual system which mainly configured by 2 sets of 60t/h chain grate boiler,2 sets of 12MW turbine generating unit.The boiler is designed to provide steam of 450oC,3.82Mpa,while the turbine parameter is 3.43Mpa,435oC,totally condensing type.The generated power will be transferred to the 70KV power grid.
When the project start,we control the whole project conscientious starts from the schedule.During design status,we organize the owner's engineering team to sit together to fix the design for 5 times.
At the same time with designing,the purchase of the main equipments are finished.And the owner's QC department is invited to our factories for witness test according to the quality plan.To make sure that every equipment is qualified before send to project site,we arranged 10 more inspections. 
We,FUCHUN organize the qualified transporter to deliver the equipments&materials to project location.

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